Fusion CEU Event | Emerging Adulthood: Re-Defining The Parent-Child Relationship

Date & Time

Friday, March 24

9:00am - 10:30am CST



This event is open to Parents, Educators and Mental Health Professionals (CEU’s provided) ~

Please join us!
Fusion Academy Dallas
March 24, 2023
9:00 – 10:30 am

This presentation will explore concepts and tools related to family systems, communication, and relationship dynamics as they play out between a parent and child, more specifically during the transition into adulthood. We will outline barriers to children becoming adults and taking on responsibility and how to support one another through challenging the intentions behind our boundaries and expectations. We will also debunk some of the myths surrounding relational communication and the pitfalls of not maintaining or following through with boundaries.

The transition from adolescence to adulthood is one filled with obstacles, uncertainty, and learning, and this same transition is filled with a desire to have autonomy, freedom, and independence – and while this all sounds great, young adults are not prepared to transition into adulthood and parents are not prepared to support young adults in their transition into adulthood. This creates quite a dilemma – we must redefine the relationship between parents and young adult children and empower both parties in meeting the needs
and expectations of daily living. We must understand our present moment from lived experience and not
get stuck in past struggles. Moving forward is a team effort – the team we call family.

This presentation will be repeated on the same day at our sister campuses in DFW. If you cannot attend the Dallas Breakfast, please contact Kasey Evans, Director of Outreach to RSVP for the Lunch Presentation at the Fusion Plano Campus and/or the 3 pm Afternoon Presentation at the Fusion Southlake Campus. Email kevans@fusionacademy.com

Speaker Bios:

Greg Ostler LCSW, LCAS , Clinical Director, Skyterra Embrace
Greg has enjoyed working in residential treatment, wilderness therapy,
and the inpatient and outpatient mental health settings. He has focused his
attention on trauma and providing support to those he serves and strives to
be an advocate for trauma survivors. With his dedication to vulnerability
and courage, Greg empowers individuals and families to step into trauma,
attachment, and addiction through a relational approach, providing an
environment in which difficult life experiences can be addressed and
explored with safety, empathy and compassion.
Through his work with people living with trauma, attachment, substance abuse and addiction, and other mental
health difficulties, Greg enjoys creating opportunities to encourage growth and development within those he serves.
He also coaches and mentors change within the family unit, working specifically with parents and young and adult children.

Caren Stewart ME.d, Executive Director, Skyterra Embrace
Caren has more than 25 years of experience working within the human services
field in a variety of roles, including mentor, educator and counselor. Her
experience includes work in school settings, government training programs,
nonprofits, for profits, and community collaborations.
Through this lifetime of work, it has become apparent to her that every person has
their own unique story that guides their life. This is the work which Caren has
chosen to do with clients of all ages and backgrounds. Through a variety of
methods including creative art, writing, body-based awareness, group work and
yoga, Caren helps guests to feel empowered and affect positive changes in their
Caren holds a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Pratt Institute and a master’s degree in educational psychology. She is a
qualified professional with more than 10 years of experience providing trauma-informed services to vulnerable populations, mostrecently as a North Carolina certified Victim Service Practitioner. She is also a certified trauma-informed yoga teacher and SoulCollage® Facilitator. Caren has led countless workshops and trainings on trauma-informed practices and uses art processes,
meditation, yoga and guided imagery to assist in recovery and healing from trauma.
Caren is constantly learning and growing, and enjoys spending time in nature, writing, creating art, and cultivating practices to
gain self-awareness. Raised in California and Colorado, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two grown children.
Caren says: “My passion and purpose is to facilitate change through awareness and personal growth, to free people from their
pasts, integrate their lived experiences, and help them envision new possibilities for living.”

Event Location

Fusion Academy

8128 Park Lane, Suite 125, Dallas, Texas 75231