Natalia Bondy

Head of School

Natalia’s road to Fusion Academy Lincoln Park has been an adventure of travels, and exploration. As a native of Chicago, she first moved before starting high school in Lincoln Park, to rural New Mexico. Having never been outside of CPS, this was a unique adventure. From the southwest, she traveled east to Maine for her undergraduate program. She knew since middle school (thanks to her CPS teachers) that she wanted to pursue a career in education, and her heart always remained in Chicago.  She is overjoyed to have found a home back in the Chicagoland area. Since graduating with her BA in English, and MA in Secondary Education from Adelphi University in New York, she has been able to travel the states as a middle and high school teacher.

She began her teaching career in Arizona in a low-socioeconomic suburb of Phoenix. It was there that she learned of the struggles of overpopulated classrooms, and little-to-no resources. She worked to empower her classes of 80+ students and created interactive center-based activities for learning. This led her to return to Illinois where she began teaching for a southside charter school. Teaching in the inner city opened her eyes to the structural limitation of traditional schools and set Natalia off onto her journey to further advocate for students and teachers. From there she went on to a leadership organization, and then shifted into higher education.

Natalia’s ability to foster strong relationships, and her desire to ‘empower the individual’ makes for an exciting transition to the Head of School role at the Lincoln Park Fusion Academy campus. In her spare time she enjoys reading, playing with her toddler, and exploring suburban activities with her cinephile husband.