Lauren Dembowitz




Lauren earned her B.A. in English at the University of Chicago with a Minor in Spanish. She also spent time studying French at the University of Chicago’s Paris Center. She later earned her PhD in English at UCLA.


Lauren is a passionate educator, and even more passionate parent to two extraordinary elementary-aged kids. While the bulk of her teaching experience has been in higher education (both at UCLA and CU), she has also worked with younger students (aged 6-16) in her capacity as a Performing Arts counselor at a sleepaway camp. Lauren is also a gifted artist with talents in multiple modalities. Ask her about music, art, film, philosophy, and everything in between! You will always be wowed by her love of life and eagerness to draw connections between a wide range of disciplines. She is a fierce supporter of equity and interrogates histories and legacies of inequality in all of her classes. Lauren is a lifelong learner who is so excited to take on our individualized 1:1 learning platform.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Lauren is a singer songwriter with an eclectic taste in music
  • She speaks Spanish, some French, and is learning Haitian Creole
  • She finds crafting and house painting to be deeply satisfying