Heather Collins



Heather holds a Master of Fine Arts in Animation from UCLA, and BAs in Cognitive Neuroscience and Theater from Duke University.


Heather brings her extensive experience working as professional Animator, Painter and Fabricator for tv, films and commercials to Fusion. She worked alongside world-class artists as she developed her skills in drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, graphic design, sewing, fabrication, animation, and illustration. She was a part of creating 5 Emmy-winning episodes of television shows, and was nominated individually for an Emmy for her animation. While animating during her days, in the evenings she taught wildly popular animation classes at both UCLA and LMU. Heather strongly believes that every person is artistic – it's just a matter of finding a medium that suits each of us.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Heather enjoys nothing more than talking about her two "dogters," a Rhodesian Ridgeback named Deborah Bubbletrousers and a fluffy mutt mop named Maiser Beam Pooperstar.
  • She is passionate about puns, sparkly things, and hiking.
  • At any given moment, she is working on a minimum of three artistic projects (and at least one of those projects probably involves disco ball tiles).