Carmelita Diaz




Carmelita earned her B.F.A. in Visal Arts at Instituto Allende of University of Guanajuato with. She also received a postgraduate degree in Art Therapy from the University of Barcelona. She later earned her MFA in Visual Arts at SUNY Purchase.


Carmelita comes from a Bi- Cultural family, growing up in Mexico with a United States influence, in language and education. She is passionate about education, culture, nature and creative forms of communication. While the bulk of her teaching experience has been in art, she has also worked as a translator for higher education and appreciates teaching all ages and levels.
Carmelita is also a producing artist that exhibits internationally and is a firm believer that the more languages you know makes moving though life and the world so much easier.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • She wanted to be an astronaut but became an artist instead.
  • Being in nature and taking pictures of clouds
  • Trying new foods and having a different day every day.