Allison Axelrod


Allison Axelrod is excited to join Fusion Academy as a Teacher/Mentor is English, History, Math, and as a pinch hitter for various creative pursuits!  Allison has a B.A from the University of Pennsylvania in English Literature and a Masters of Education (M.Ed) degree from Harvard University.  Allison has lived in Philadelphia, New York City, Boston, and San Francisco, and has worked in various leadership roles for documentary film companies, schools, arts-in- education nonprofits, and community centers.  In 2011 she decided to pursue a Masters in Education with a concentration in Human Development and Psychology and adopted a child-centered focus in which each student can be nurtured towards their potential.  Since then she has developed her skills as a tutor, teacher, and coach working here in South Florida, virtually throughout the U.S., and abroad with students of a variety of learning styles, backgrounds, and ages toward a variety of academic and personal goals both big and small including academic subject learning, creative writing and art development, college essays, SAT/ACT, and more.

Allison has traveled extensively throughout Asia and Europe, including India and Japan, studying abroad at the University of Edinburgh, and co-founding a school and production company in Israel where she lived for over a year.  She approaches all of her students with a genuine and heartfelt desire for them to grow in their passions, skills, and sense of self and humanity. This approach allows them also to travel inward and outward in their learning adventures.  She currently resides in South Florida where she enjoys yoga, music, cooking, nature adventures, and being close to family and friends.