Kelsey Johnson

Director of Homework Cafe

Kelsey is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, where she received a Bachelor of Science and Arts in Biology as well as a minor in Polish. During her time at school, she worked as a nanny and during the summers she was a camp counselor at Camp Mystic. She has been a nanny for 8 very different families throughout Austin and learned quickly that no two children (not even twins!) are exactly alike. At Mystic, she was involved with horseback riding, tennis, gymnastics, arts & crafts, fishing, drawing, and golf.

Although she did not plan on becoming a teacher, Kelsey found her way to Fusion and was thrilled to have the opportunity to teach the next generation in such a unique setting. She has been a math and science teacher for almost two years and is now the Director of Homework Cafe! Forensic science is one of her favorite classes to teach because there are a lot of cool experiments involved, but mainly she gets to set up a crime scene in the science lab (much to the surprise of passersby!). Kelsey feels that each student at Fusion can be successful if they are given the right tools and a lot of love. She is frequently referred to as the “mom” on campus because of she has lots of love to give! She wants to help students feel comfortable with learning no matter what difficulties they may be facing.

In addition to teaching, Kelsey also enjoys baking and cooking, arts & crafts, playing with her weenie dog Buster, and is a huge fan of UT football!