Hunter Gann

Math/Science Teacher/Mentor

Hunter is a graduate of Austin Peay State University, which is located on the border of Tennessee and Kentucky in Clarksville, TN. Where he received his Bachelor of Science in Biology and his Master of Science in Physiology. During his time at school, Hunter taught microbiology to nursing majors, was the manager of a biological research laboratory that studied melanoma, brown recluse spider venom, and FDA regulations of gluten in certified gluten free products, worked as a cook at a local restaurant, and worked as a caregiver at an animal shelter near his university. Hunter did not plan to become a teacher and was planning to go to medical school but to the behest of his adult students in college, he tried his hand at teaching and fell in love.

He had been visiting Austin for seven years before, finally, moving to Austin in June 2018 as a new start in a new environment. Hunter always viewed Austin as a vacation destination and commonly states he feels like he is on vacation. It wasn’t until August 2018 when Hunter joined the team at Fusion. He was known for his mentorship at his previous teaching position in Tennessee and was thrilled to become apart of Fusion which focuses on this.

Hunter views his own success is only measured by the balanced growth and success of his students. He devotes his time, talents, and mind to each of them individually. Known for his southern accent echoing out of his room, Hunter supports, encourages, entertains, and challenges each student that walks through his doors.