Derrick Drury



Derrick Drury holds a B.A. in Literature from CSU Dominguez Hills, complemented by an M.A. in Rhetoric and Composition from CSU Fullerton. Additionally, he has earned a certificate in Academic Writing Instruction from CSU Fullerton, showcasing his commitment to enhancing his teaching skills in the realm of literature and composition.


Derrick Drury's professional background showcases a diversity of experience, including six years of English language instruction in Japan, three of which were devoted to coaching speech and recitation. He has also contributed over five years to college writing centers, offering personalized guidance to students from a breadth of disciplines. Additionally, he spent three years independently assisting students with diverse learning needs in their pursuit of success in college-level writing projects. Furthermore, he has dedicated six years to teaching freshman composition, literature, and critical thinking at Southern California community colleges.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • He has recently found strength training, recognizing its positive impact on his well-being
  • He values the practice of meditation for its ability to cultivate mindfulness
  • Additionally, he enjoys exploring the world of urban legends, finding fascination in the stories and mysteries they explore and what they suggest about the society who tells them