Fusion Academy’s Customized Transferring Process

With our customized approach, we’re able to meet your child exactly where they are and create an educational plan tailored to their needs and goals. The first part of our admissions process is for you to chat with an Admissions Consultant to learn more about Fusion. You’ll then meet with the Head of School and share more about your educational journey and goals. If together you decide Fusion is the right fit for your student, you’ll enroll.

After you first enroll full-time at Fusion, your family will meet with a Director of Student Development (DSD). They will be your guide throughout your time at Fusion for academic planning and scheduling.

Our registrar team will interpret your child’s prior school(s) official transcript(s) so we know what credits your child has already earned. The DSD will then use that information along with other related educational documents and build a customized plan that meets state standards, graduation requirements, and educational goals.

The DSD will then build a customized class schedule that takes time preferences into consideration. (Schedules are subject to teacher availability.)

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Transferring Schools Mid-Year or Mid-Semester

Fusion’s rolling enrollment allows students to start their classes at any time of the year – even mid-semester or mid-year. In a one-to-one classroom, class starts when the individual student starts, so there’s no falling behind or catching up.

As part of interpreting your child’s transcript, our team will see if they earned any partial credit that can be transferred. We will work with you to ensure there are no gaps in learning and so our teachers know where to start in the curriculum.

Changing Schools: Helping Your Student with the Transition

We understand changing schools is a big decision. When you decide to make the switch, it’s typically because something isn’t working at your current school. Our teacher/mentors can support your child not only academically, but socially and emotionally as well. Inside and outside the classroom we’ll personalize your child’s experience based on their needs and goals.

Student Examples

Sarah was always ahead in class and got bored even in her advanced classes. She had great grades but didn’t feel like she was thriving in school. After starting school in the fall, her parents realized she needed a more challenging and accelerated environment. Sarah started at Fusion and her parents noticed a quick turnaround. Now Sarah is thriving, taking Honors courses, and set to graduate earlier than she would have at her previous school.

Erik is intelligent, but his grades weren’t showing it. His parents constantly got calls from the school saying he was failing and disruptive. After a tough first half of the year, he started attending Fusion full time. His teachers got to know him and re-engaged his love of learning. He finally learned how he learned, which was much more hands-on than his large school was able to provide. He has re-taken some of the courses he failed and is on track to graduate on time.

Melody has dealt with anxiety all her life. It really started to show up when she began her freshman year of high school. In the middle of the spring semester, it got so bad she was refusing to go to school, so her mom found Fusion. Her teachers took the time to get to know her, and in the one-to-one classes, they could go at her pace. Her school anxiety is now at a manageable level, and she’s able to talk things through with teachers on campus when things start to get tough.

Parent Promise

Enroll with Confidence!

We know switching schools is a tough decision. For new full-time students, we offer The Parent Promise: if you are not satisfied with your student’s improvement at Fusion during their first 30 days of attending classes, we will fully refund your tuition for that period.

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