The Admission Process

If you're ready to enroll your middle school or high school student in full-time or part-time programs at Fusion, this is the admission process:

1. Apply to Fusion.

Connect with your nearest campus to have an initial conversation about if Fusion could be a good fit for your child.

2. Take a Tour.

Visit us on campus by setting up a personal tour. You’ll be able to see how one-to-one education works and experience what a day on campus looks like.

3. Interview with Head of School.

Set up a private meeting with our Head of School. During this meeting you’ll be able to share more of your story and what led you to consider Fusion Academy.

4. Get Registered.

If after the meeting with the Head of School our staff and your family agree Fusion is the right fit for your child, you will begin the registration process.

5. Schedule a shadow day.

We want students to be an active participant in their education, so before they begin we like to schedule a shadow day. During this day the student will spend a day on campus to see if they think it is a good fit for them.

6. Build a customized class schedule.

Finally, you will connect with our Director of Student Development to build a customized course schedule. This is where you will determine your child’s start date.