Fusion Academy is a non-traditional private school with completely customized one-to-one classrooms.

At Fusion, all of our classes are self-paced, and the material is presented in a way that considers each student’s individual interests, strengths, and learning style. On top of that, we address the social and emotional aspects of our students before we even start class. Can your school do that?





[Fusion] didn’t just break the mold in education, [they] shattered it, crushed it, and revolutionized it.

–Southbay Magazine, November 2012

School for me before was a prison, and I just got set free.

–Thaddeus B., Fusion Student

He said he loves school!  Not words that have passed his lips ever.

Wendy S, Fusion Walnut Creek Parent

A supportive atmosphere and one-on-one tutoring makes all the difference.

–Dr. Nicholas Levy, Pediatrician

Fusion’s campus is like a home, like a family, but it is also a beautiful campus setting.

–Susanne Condon, Fusion Parent