Fusion Academy is a revolutionary private school where positive relationships and one-to-one classrooms unlock academic potential.

At Fusion, we are a non-traditional community of learning that personalizes and customizes teaching methods and curriculum for middle and high school students. Our supportive campus environment provides a space for students to flourish emotionally, socially, and academically. Take a look around to see how.





What makes Fusion Academy so appealing?…Students receive more attention and can learn at their own pace.

–OC Family Magazine, October 2010
A 2014 Fusion Pasadena Graduate

School for me before was a prison, and I just got set free.

–Thaddeus B., Fusion Student

I first noticed the overall friendliness of everyone here. It’s just a good environment.

–John G., Fusion Student

Since coming to Fusion [my student] is actually engaged…it’s clear that she understands it.

–Lyn P., Fusion Parent