Fusion Academy is a non-traditional private school with completely customized one-to-one classrooms.

At Fusion, all of our classes are self-paced, and the material is presented in a way that considers each student’s individual interests, strengths, and learning style. On top of that, we address the social and emotional aspects of our students before we even start class. Can your school do that?





One of the best things about coming to Fusion has to do with the incredible relationships I’ve been able to build.

–2013 Pasadena Graduate

At Fusion we are greeted enthusiastically. We have open access to teachers and staff. We know exactly what our son is doing and how he is performing and how he approaches his education.

–Dave S., Fusion Parent

The teachers really care about my son and they’re creative and flexible about finding approaches that work for him.

–Fusion Pasadena Parent

Fusion has been a wonderful asset fulfilling a deep need within our community. I highly recommend their services at every level and especially would like commend them on their choice of excellent teachers and staff who seem to relate so well to the clients I have referred there.

Dr. Barbara Czescik

My son is so positive about his abilities and I am seeing him gain so much confidence.

Mary Jo Ashby