Fusion Academy is a revolutionary private school where positive relationships and one-to-one classrooms unlock academic potential.

At Fusion, we are a non-traditional community of learning that personalizes and customizes teaching methods and curriculum for middle and high school students. Our supportive campus environment provides a space for students to flourish emotionally, socially, and academically. Take a look around to see how.





The teachers really care about my son and they’re creative and flexible about finding approaches that work for him.

–Fusion Pasadena Parent

At Fusion we are greeted enthusiastically. We have open access to teachers and staff. We know exactly what our son is doing and how he is performing and how he approaches his education.

–Dave S., Fusion Parent

[Fusion] didn’t just break the mold in education, [they] shattered it, crushed it, and revolutionized it.

–Southbay Magazine, November 2012

Fusion offers tailored programs for individuals and ideal for 1 on 1. I encourage all my friends with kids to look at the resources they offer.


We’re so happy to be part of Fusion…we’ve witnessed remarkable changes in our son.

–Woudy & Mike S., Fusion parents