8 9 We believe all learningbeginswith relationships,that learningisapersonal process,and that studentslearn best when the pace,structure and instructional methodsare tailored for the individual.We develop creative and holistic learningplansthat are flexible and customized for each student. A C A D E M IC M O D E L T A IL O R IN G T O E A C HIN D IV ID U A LS T U D E N T ACADEMICMODEL INDIVIDUAL GOALS,STRENGTHS, NEEDS& INTERESTS ONE-TO-ONETEACHING All Fusion classesare one-to-one. Instructingone student at atime ensuresthat all aspectsof the teaching and learningprocessare tailored to match the student; teacherswholly customize their teaching,pacing,the nature of assignmentsand even how they assess knowledge.Adjustmentsare frequently made from one session to the next based on the needsof each student. Fusion familieschart their own path both academically and logistically. Studentscan enroll full-time or part-time and begin coursesat any point duringthe school year.Studentsaren't required to follow aset sequence of classesaslongasprerequisitesand graduation requirementsare met. Lastly,campusesopen early and close late to accommodate studentswith unusual schedules,such asathletes. FLEXIBILITY We intentionally hire and train instructional staff to serve as"teacher-mentors." Teacherscultivate meaningful,constructive relationshipswith their students,creatingafoundation of emotional security that unlocksareadinessfor engaged learning.Students are further supported in the Homework Café where they can complete their work on campuswith the help and guidance of our teachers. MENTORING& SUPPORT MASTERY LEARNING Our academic model of mastery learning requires studentsto reach and demonstrate proficiency before advancing. One-to-one teachingempowersteachersto continually adapt their instruction to the student to ensure deep learning; additional mastery and/or tutoring and mentoringsessionsare offered asneeded to ensure understanding.