4 5 Dear Fusion friends,familiesand teammates: We are very excited to bring you our first annual Education Impact Report. I first met Michelle Rose Gilman, Fusion? s founder, when I visited the original Fusion campus back in 2008. After our visit, I told Michelle there needed to be at least 100 Fusions around the country. The program was too good not to expand it to more communities and families. Since then, we have grown substantially and made great progress. As of January, 2017, we have 39 schools and serve 4,000 students annually. We now employ over 1,200 ?Fusionites? and promoted nearly 150 people into new positions last year alone. While we have successfully opened many new Fusion campuses, we have also been steadfast in our commitment to improve our success with our students. We take great pride in the Fusion educational program and the often life-changing resultswe? ve helped so many students achieve. Focusing on the entire student, we measure our success with each student academically, socially and emotionally. As evidenced in this report, our results in all areas have been strong. Though far from perfect, we have established ourselves as a national leader in offering unique and compelling options for students who have struggled in the more traditional public and private school settings. At the end of the day though, our true success is tied to our EPIC! teachers. We are blessed with a unique group of highly committed and talented teacherswho do whatever it takesto help their studentssucceed. The work they do in the classroom, the mentoringthey provide and their endlessbelief in each student iswhat makesFusion aspecial place. This is an exciting time for Fusion. We have much to be proud of, but still much to do. Thus, this report is simply a progress report. We will continue to strive every day to make Fusion better. Thanks to all of you for your belief and support in our mission. Gratefully, L E T T E R F R O MO U R C E O O U R E P IC !V A L U E S EXCELLENCE: We are committed to delivering excellence in all we do.We are resultsfocused and believe in the quantitative measurement of our efforts.We set high standardsof performance and hold ourselvesaccountable to achieve outstanding results.We never settle for ?good enough.? P ASSION: INNOVATION: COURAGE: "!": We are passionate about our mission to change education in America.We are excited to come to work everyday and to serve our studentsand each other.We believe that we can make an impact and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure our studentsand our schoolsare successful. We are never satisfied and believe there isalwaysa better way. We embrace change.We actively seek new and better waysby learning from other organizationsand industries.We realize that even unsuccessful ideasand programslead to learning and improvement. We have the courage to speak up and respectfully share our disagreementsor concerns.We value the debate of ideas. We realize that a healthy organization isone where people are empowered and are comfortable in expressing their viewsand opinions.We take calculated risksbecause we know that innovation and improvement requiresit. It'sthat important! We understand that what we do hasa tremendousimpact on students. We can not wait. We can not settle. We can not quit. It'sthat important! PETERG. RUPPERT PRESIDENT & CEO