26 27 Fusion hashad a powerful impact on the livesof thousandsof students. At Fusion,we believe that every student can thrive.Positive,authentic relationshipswithin asafe and supportive environment,coupled with acustomized one-to-one education,lead to increased academic engagement,confidence and learning. Current student and parent perception of academic successis further substantiated by asignificant increase in student GPA,adecrease in family conflict related to school-based issuesand positive reflectionsfrom Fusion alumni. Fusion helpsstudentsto flourish through strengtheningtheir well-being: studentsexperience more positive relationships,emotions,academic engagement and asense of accomplishment ascompared to their previousschools. In order to impact as many studentsand familiesaspossible,we continually invest in our own growth to bringon the best talent and develop incredible teachersand leaders. S U M M A R Y F U S IO NS T U D E N T : "They loveme." (Wedo!) IT'S THAT IMPOR TANT