22 23 G R O W IN G T H E F U S IO NC O M M U N IT Y Our desire to change asmany livesaspossible drivesusto continually grow.There are too many studentsthroughout the country for whom the traditional school model doesn? t work.Fusion iscommitted to investingin our people and growingasacompany by developingleaders,openingnew schools,addingclassroomsand,most importantly,helpingmore studentsand families. C A M P U SG R O W T H Fusion continued to steadily grow in the 2015-16 school year,addingseven new campuses. By the end of January 2017,39 campuseswere open acrossseven statesand Washington,D.C. Currently,I feel good about the way thingsare goingin my life. 91% Fusion helped me be more successful academically. 89% Fusion helped me be more successful emotionally. 80% I gained confidence while at Fusion. 83% Fusion helped me realize and reach for my potential. 79% Fusion helped me create apositive vision for my future. 78% Fusion prepared me to deal with challengesin life. 78% A L U M N IR E F L E C T IO N S Whether they came to Fusion for ashort time or graduated from aFusion campus,our alumni overwhelmingly agree that Fusion helped them flourish. In the fall of 2014,Fusion asked itsalumni to participate in asurvey to learn more about their experiencesat Fusion and post-Fusion. F U S IO NS T U D E N T : "Thanks to FusionI amgraduatinghigh school,goingto my toppick for college,studyingsomethingI never thought I was good enough to do,andI finally haveconfidenceinmy intelligence. Fusion has truly changedmy life.? F U S IO NA L U M N U S : ? Prior to attendingFusion,I was consideringdropping out. I hatedschool,I wasn? t doingwell inmy classes,my personal life was rocky. OnceI startedat Fusion,I beganto feel wholeagain. I startedto loveschool again,lovelearningandmeetingnew people. Andwhengraduationday finally came,I was overjoyedand overwhelmedwith emotion. I didit. I graduatedhigh school.? PREPARINGFORLIFEAFTERFUSION NUMBEROFFUSION SCHOOLS 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 3 9 13 16 20 28 35 39 FY16/17 EndsJune30 (January) Strongly Agree/Agree Fusion Alumni (n=181)