16 17 Our students?capacity to flourish academically isdeeply connected to their overall well-being.We believe that positive,authentic relationshipsthat offer emotional support ? fostered by our one-to-one learningmodel ? are the key to unlockingacademic and personal potential. IM P A C TO NW E L L -B E IN G In the summer of 2015, Fusion designed a research-based survey instrument that measures student well-being. Questions explore a comprehensive range of topicswhich are aligned to the five dimensionsof the ?PERMA?model of well-being: positive emotion,engagement,relationships,meaningand accomplishment.2 Fusion studentsfeel emotionally supported. When studentsfirst enrolled,we surveyed them on their previousschool experience,then compared those resultsto how they felt after just three monthsat Fusion.The graph below examinesstudentswho said that emotional support wasahigh priority or essential. P O S IT IV E E M O T IO N S EMOTIONAL SUPPORT NEEDSADDRESSED 21% 87% Before Fusion After 3 Monthsat Fusion Felt they were receivingthe emotional support they needed Students?ability to cope with adversity improvesthe longer they attend Fusion. Asthe length of students' enrollment increases,so too doestheir ability to feel gratitude in "darker moments," to remain calm "when thingsgo wrong," and to feel optimism "in uncertain times." EXAMPLE: Research hasshown that optimism isrelated to better coping strategies,reduced depression,more persistence in educational effortsand better physical and mental health.3 The graph below showsthat optimism increasesasthe length of enrollment increases.4 Fusion studentsnationwide reported powerful differencesin their engagement at Fusion ascompared to their previous schools. P O S IT IV E E N G A G E M E N T Before Fusion After 3 Monthsat Fusion 52% 95% Likely to ask questionsor offer thoughtsin class What they're learning relatesto their interests % of Students 37% 82% 39% 87% Able to explore creative interests INCREASED ENGAGEMENT IN LEARNING INCREASED OPTIMISM 2.98 3.04 3.09 3.16 0-3 Months 4-6 Months 7-11 Months 1-2 Years 2+ Years Lengthof Enrollment 3.29 F U S IO NP A R E N T : "Theone- on- oneteachingreally helpedMichael to keepfocusedandengaged. I cantell heenjoys theclasses becausehewill sharewhat helearnedthat day without measkingabout it. Henever didthat at his oldschool.? F U S IO NS T U D E N T : ? This academy has givenmeso much interest and excitement whileinclass andI never losethat emotionwhileon campus. Fusiongives me everythingI needto learn.? 77%of parentsagreedthat since beingat Fusion,their child expressesmoreoptimismabout thefuture. 97%of parentsthinkFusion teachersareengaginginthe classroom. 94%of parentsreport that their childfeelsemotionallysafeat Fusion. 2Seligman,Martin E.P.Flourish:AVisionaryNewUnderstandingofHappinessandWell-being.FreePress,2011. 3http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4161121/ 4Responsesaredisplayed asmean scoreon ascaleof 1-5,with 5 indicatingthemost positiveresponse. IMPACT ON WELL-BEING F U S IO NP A R E N T : ? [Our daughter] arrived with ahistory of challenges ina traditional public high school learning environment andwehavebeen overwhelmedby Fusion? s ability to restoreher confidenceandsuccess in theclassroom. Fusionunderstands that students needemotional support before they canfocus onacademic progress.?