14 15 We compared course gradesand GPA before and after Fusion for a random sample of eleventh and twelfth grade students.On average, studentsin the sample attended approximately four semestersat other schoolsand three semestersat Fusion. Fusion-wide survey datademonstratesthat we are keepingour promise to families. We provide acustomized learningexperience that leadsto improvementsin learning, confidence,engagement with both classesand homework,gradesand course success.The graphsbelow show that the more highly Fusion studentsprioritize academic support,the more satisfied they are with the academic support they receive.Likewise,the more highly Fusion studentsprioritize emotional support,the more satisfied they are with the emotional support they receive. C U S T O M IZ IN G T O M E E TS T U D E N TN E E D S At Fusion,we successfully meet studentswhere they are academically,emotionally and socially,and tailor our support to match their needs. Not a priority Low priority Medium priority High priority Essential 3.1 3.6 3.9 4.3 4.4 Satisfaction (1.5) ACADEMIC SUPPORT Thisanalysisdoesnot account for studentswho may have been failingnumerous classesprior to Fusion but withdrew or transferred before those gradeswere recorded on their permanent transcripts(often the catalyst for midyear school transitions).Therefore,the graphsmay underestimate the percent of studentson the path to failingcoursesprior to Fusion. Transcript analysisrevealsthat Fusion reversespatternsof academic failure,enablingstudentsto successfully complete coursesand improve their GPA. FailingSome Courses PassingAll Courses 58% 100% Prior to Fusion At Fusion % of Students 42% 11thand12thGradeFusionStudents IMPACT ON COURSESUCCESSSPRING2016,N=64 GPA Prior to Fusion GPA at Fusion 11thand12thGradeStudents IMPACT ON GPA SPRING2016,N=64 2.79 3.73 Analysisshowsthat approximately 31%of the studentsattended more than one high school before comingto Fusion. UNLOCKINGACADEMICPOTENTIAL UNLOCKINGACADEMICPOTENTIAL Not a priority Low priority Medium priority High priority Essential 3.2 3.6 4.0 4.3 4.4 Satisfaction (1.5) EMOTIONAL SUPPORT