12 13 After threemonthsat Fusion? Datashowsa30%increase in the number of studentswho are confident they? ll complete high school. UNLOCKINGACADEMICPOTENTIAL UNLOCKINGACADEMICPOTENTIAL 25% 81% 27% 83% Gettingthe academic support they need to be successful Confident in their ability to learn the material Before Fusion After 3 Monthsat Fusion INCREASED CONFIDENCE F U S IO NP A R E N T : ? Teachers takethetimeto get to know each student,their weaknesses andstrengths,not only academically but socially andemotionally as well. By doing so,they instill inthestudent agreater desireto striveto besuccessful. Theteachers hereall makethestudents feel worthy andvalued,developinggreater self- esteem andconfidenceinthemselves andinwhat they arecapable of doingandbecoming. Theteachers herearegreat at determiningastudent? s learningstyleandareableto personalizetheclass to benefit that student.? Much Less A Little Less Same Amount A Little More A Lot More 3% 4% 8% 21% 64% INCREASED LEARNING Comparedtomypreviousschools,theeducation I receiveat Fusionishelpingmelearn Much Less A Little Less Same Amount A Little More A Lot More 3% 6% 25% 22% 44% HOMEWORK COMPLETION Comparedtomypreviousschools,at FusionI domy homework Fusion hasadramatic positive impact on students?academic success,beginningwith homework completion and increased learning. For many students,homework ishistorically achallenge.At Fusion,studentstypically complete their work in the Homework Café right after class,with ateacher present to provide help asneeded. A C A D E M IC IM P A C T Survey dataof over 1,100 studentsdemonstratesapowerful increase in academic confidence after just three monthsat Fusion. Parentsagree:81%believetheir childismoreconfident since attendingFusion. F U S IO NP A R E N T : ? Fusionmeets thestudent wherethey are academically,mentally,emotionally. Each student moves at apacewherethey canunderstandthematerial being taught. My sonis ableto feel confident,havegood self- esteem,haveapositiveoutlook,andfeel confident that hecando thework rather thanfeelingdefeatedand not eventrying.? Parentsagree:85%believetheir childismoresuccessful academicallysinceattendingFusion. After threemonthsat Fusion,studentsreport that conflict over homeworkdropsby30%. After threemonthsat Fusion? Datashowsa25%increase in the number of studentswho are confident they? ll be successful if they go to college.