10 11 UNLOCKINGACADEMICPOTENTIAL F U S IO NS T U D E N T :? Anxiety is athingof thepast ever sinceI cameto Fusion. For onceinmy life,I amexcitedto cometo school,see friends andteachers and,most importantly,learn.? Fusion studentsfeel increasingly engaged,motivated and confident in their ability to learn through positive relationships,the customization possible through one-to-one teachingand the support of amastery learningmodel. They often rediscover ajoy in learning.The experience of successfully masteringcontent and demonstratingknowledge on aconsistent basishas apowerful impact on self-perception,behavior and academic outcomes. Fusion meetsthe diverse needsof studentsby offeringa variety of course levels. We offer coursesat three different levels? Essential,College Preparatory and Honors? all of which meet or exceed Common Core and state standards.Coupled with opportunitiesto modify,slow down or accelerate the pace,Fusion createsthe opportunity for a wide range of studentsto have apositive and successful learning experience within agiven course.The graph to the right shows the percentage breakdown of all classsessionsstudentstook in the 2015-16 school year by course level. Fusion-wide MAPScoresupon Enrollment (2009-2015) compared to grade level Mathematics (n=1566) 32% 14% 11% 14% 29% Reading (n=1526) 21% 10% 7% 16% 45% Language Usage (n=1543) 22% 12% 8% 17% 42% Significantly Below Below Within One Year Significantly Above Above U N L O C K IN G A C A D E M IC P O T E N T IA L Fusion studentshave atremendousrange of abilities.To flourish academically,an individual may need accelerated learning,remediation or a combination. Our studentstake the NWEA Measuresof Academic Progress(MAP) assessment when they first begin at Fusion.Thismeasurestheir current achievement level asit correspondsto applicable grade levels.1 Fusion teachersdifferentiate their instruction and curriculum in order to meet the needsof all students. A C A D E M IC B A C K G R O U N D WhileHonorsaccountedfor 9%of thetotal classsessionsinthe2015-16 school year,approximately50%of Fusionstudentsenrolledinat least one honors-level course. F U S IO NP A R E N T : ? Fusion? s way of offeringclasses enables my daughter to taketheappropriategradelevel math instruction(which sheis below averagein)as well as ahigher gradelevel English (which sheexcels in). Theteachers havegoneto great lengths to findout how my daughter learns best,thencreatelessonplans utilizingmethods they know shewill understand.? 1MAPscoresarecategorized asfollows: SignificantlyBelow= MAPscoreof morethan threeyearsbelow current gradelevel; Below= 2-3 yearsbelow; WithinOneY ear= oneyear above,below,or right at gradelevel; Above= 2-3 yearsabove; SignificantlyAbove= morethan 3 yearsabovecurrent gradelevel. 2015-16 Sessionsby Course Level Percent of classsessions(n=17,983) Essential College Preparatory Honors