John Loero


John hails from the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area and has recently moved to New York with his fiancée. While he misses the steady, temperate climate of the Bay Area (seriously, it’s either kinda warm or kinda cool year ‘round), John is looking forward to the adventure of living on the East Coast and experiencing legitimate seasons for the first time!

John started his Fusion Academy career at the San Mateo campus, pioneering their grand opening of the Middle School Homework Café – the first in Northern California. Prior to joining Fusion, John tutored AP US, AP European, and AP World History, AP Government, and taught SAT and ACT prep classes for a Bay Area based College Prep Academy. He also wrote several historical and literary articles for a startup educational software developer, and worked alongside his best friend on a successful political campaign for a local city councilman. In a nutshell, John is abundantly passionate about anything history related and/or political in nature, so basically, John’s the guy who actually enjoys it when someone brings up politics at your dinner party.

John earned a Bachelor’s Degree in History from San Jose State University in 2010 and capped it off with a Master’s Degree in Military History from Norwich University in 2013. In his downtime, John would constantly tinker on his Ford Mustang. Unfortunately, the ‘stang could not make the trip back east, and is currently being store with family in California. To occupy his free time, John binge watches hot rodding shows on the Velocity channel, reads fantasy novels, plays video games, or simply jams out to some epic Power Metal.