Sean Fredericks

English Teacher/Mentor

Sean Fredericks was born in Arlington, Va. and move to D.C. just a year before joining Fusion Academy. He attended the University of Mary Washington where he received his B.A. in English Literature and his master’s degree in Education. Before joining Fusion, Sean worked for the DC Public Charter School system, teaching 7th grade English at a Title 1 school.

Sean’s lifelong passion for education originated from the unique high school program he attended in Arlington – a non-traditional school that showed him the possibilities of intentional education. He was given the opportunity to connect with his teachers and explore material in ways that he had never seen done in traditional public schools. This experience has influenced his teaching style, and he is now dedicated to forging strong mentor relationships and providing opportunities for learning that are unique to the individual student. Needless to say, Sean is thrilled to be working at Fusion Academy DC!

In his free time, Sean enjoys anything outdoors. Sean has played Ultimate Frisbee for over a decade, and has learned a lot from his time as a player, captain, and coach. When he can, Sean loves to travel. When he can’t travel, Sean will happily settle for videogames or discovering a new TV show or movie!