Ariane Jaffe

English Teacher/Mentor

After spending the first formative years of her life in Germany, learning English was difficult for Ariane, considering it was not her first language. Due to some incredible teachers, Ariane fell in love with reading and writing, which led to her passionately following in their footsteps. Ariane graduated early from Radford University in 2016, and after experiencing different age groups, she focused on teaching English at a Secondary Level (her favorite group)! Ariane also concentrated in Medieval Literature and Old/Middle English.

 Ariane believes that EVERYONE can find a special part of themselves in Language Arts. Though it may be difficult at first, her class will help to gain perspective for new thoughts, ideas, and cultures. Stories allow for the cheapest form of travel, and Ariane encourages her students to prepare for some fascinating adventures this year!

 Torn between her love of the outdoors and the city life, you can find Ariane playing paintball in the woods and hiking, or reading in a coffee shop!