Alun Walpole

English & Latin Teacher/Mentor

Alun is currently hard at work at Fusion Academy arming a legion of young scholars with the wisdom of Cicero, the beauty of Catullan poetry and the adventures of the Aeneid. In other words, he’s the resident Latin teacher. Also on his list of wisdom to pass on to today’s youth is an appreciation of 19th century poetry, Shakespeare, the fading art of arguing through writing, what on earth a participle is, and a forbearance of run on sentences and of arcane vocabulary.

Always an admirer of the renaissance men of old, Alun managed to stave off declaring any sort of college major for years into his undergraduate education before, at long last, he graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in Classical Languages and Literature (Latin and Ancient Greek) with a solid grounding in linguistics and a love of poetry.

In his spare time Alun rides and fixes bicycles, makes movies and video games with his childhood friends, and tries to write poetry.