Zachary Pruitt

Zach graduated in 2016 from Illinois College, a private liberal arts college in central Illinois. Although he received a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology, Zach was able to explore many other humanities and interests as part of a liberal arts education. Zach minored in Music and stayed involved in the English and French departments. While at Illinois College, he tutored English to French-speaking students in the area, acted as a supplemental instructor for the English department, and also became a consultant at the campus writing center, providing one-on-one tutoring to students.
After graduation, Zach moved to the St. Louis area and worked in the biopharmaceutical industry, using his knowledge of microbiology to aid in the production of both clinical and commercial biologics.
When not being a teacher and mentor at Fusion, Zach likes travelling, cooking, playing the piano, and discovering new music!