Michael Simmons

English/History Teacher/Mentor

Michael studied English literature and theoretical math at the University of Dallas—a small private Catholic liberal arts university in Irving, Texas—graduating cum laude with an intense passion for continued learning. The son of two professors, and with several years of one-on-one mentoring and tutoring experience, he is excited to teach English and math here at Fusion Tysons.

Community involvement has always been a big part of Michael’s life, manifesting itself in various volunteer and other opportunities. For two springs break trips in college, he went to Mexico with a group of classmates to help at Ciudad de los Niños, a school for poor children in Monterrey.

Aside from the above interests, music is an essential part of Michael’s life, both listening and playing. Some of the most enjoyable experiences of his life have been performing on stage, either as a soloist, a band member, or with a full symphonic orchestra—piano, cello, guitar, harmonica, vocals. . . . At one point he successfully played three okay-sounding notes on the trumpet. His taste in music is varied, but tends toward alt/indie pop/rock. If you ask him about the band The Duskwhales, he will not stop talking.

On October 22, 2010, Michael witnessed Texas Rangers clinch the American League pennant for the first time in the team’s 39-year history.