Heather Corroon

Math/Science Teacher/Mentor

Heather is passionate about bringing practicality into the classroom and changing the way students think “when will I ever need to know this?”  She likes to incorporate real life applications into the lessons and show how math is used in our everyday lives because it is what makes up our existence! Heather received a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Shenandoah University.  After graduating she taught middle and high school math for a private academy in Winchester, VA.  During her first few years teaching Heather was disheartened that a lot of the beauty in learning and development of wonder was lost in the classroom setting.  She whole heartedly agrees with the Fusion mission and is excited to experience the positive impact one on one teaching can have on a student and everyone involved.  In addition to teaching she has worked as an estimator for a drilling and blasting company in West Virginia where she directly handled and blew up dynamite!   Heather is an advocate of Planet Earth and believes in empowering our future generations to take responsibility for their actions both as individuals and as a community.   When she is not working she enjoys spending time in nature and going on adventures with her dog, Nyla.  She enjoys experimenting with different receipts and finding healthier ways to make her favorite foods.  Heather is an artist and a lifelong researcher of the wonders of the world. She is honored to become a part of the Fusion Family.