Robert Ranstadler

Substitute Teacher

M.A., M.Ed., B.S., USMC (Ret.)


Robert Ranstadler earned his undergraduate degree from Excelsior College while serving in the U.S. Marines. Upon retiring from active duty service, Robert entered graduate studies on two separate occasions, earning advanced degrees in History and Education from Norwich University (2017) and Houston Baptist University (2020), respectively.


Robert is a retired U.S. Marine, certified secondary school teacher, and part-time writer who turned to education and freelance content creation after leaving active duty service in 2015. He has traveled the world while serving in uniform, taught as a full-time teacher in the Greater Houston Area, and written multiple feature-length articles for various patrons across several industries.

Robert is also an experienced project manager and avid volunteer within his community. He enjoys sharing his 20+ years of global leadership experience while coaching youth athletics and volunteering with local museums and historic preservation societies.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Avid traveler who has visited more than a dozen countries and nearly all 50 U.S. states (you're next, North Dakota!).
  • Used to maintain and repair presidential support aircraft; personally met two U.S. presidents while on the job.
  • Makes a tremendous dessert that is reportedly "the best tiramisu in the entire state of Michigan."