Kristen Miranda

Director of Homework Cafe

Kristen Miranda has always been inspired to work with others and offer them encouragement to reach their full potential.

She describes the best part of her role as having the opportunity to introduce students to the vast opportunities in the world around them, whether that be to take a Gap Year, continue to progress through post-graduate studies, or pursue college.

At Fusion, Kristen works directly with each student to support them in creating an individualized post-secondary plan that fulfills his or her goals. She specializes in supporting students through the application and admissions process, creating a thoughtful list of post-secondary programs that meet each student’s goals, and supporting students and families as they make their decisions. She recognizes that this can be, at times, a difficult process for families and is here to support each student’s journey in any way that she can to make it as enjoyable an experience as possible.

Throughout her career, Kristen has worked to support individuals spanning from early childhood through early adulthood and experiencing significant emotional, behavioral, and familial challenges.  Additionally, she has assisted these individuals in developing educational and vocational goals to help foster their academic growth and their hope and aspirations for their future.  Her experience has taught her the power of embracing a strengths-based team approach to best assist individuals in realizing their potential and supporting them in achieving their goals.

Along her journey, Kristen has discovered the benefits of developing a self-care routine that can promote a healthy sense of self and overall outlook.  She fully supports the promotion of Wellness on the Fusion Campus and is thrilled to share her passion for yoga and self-care here!

When Kristen is not working, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, skating with her roller derby team, doing anything active outdoors, dancing, visiting art exhibits, working on creative projects, and traveling.