Learn more about the seven unique College Admissions Camps we’re offering this summer.
These camps are offered in a group setting for students to prepare for their future.
See each full camp description and the grade levels we suggest attend:


College Admissions Camps

Intro to College & Post-Secondary Counseling

Ideal for: 9th & 10th graders

Ready to start the college and post-secondary journey? This camp is ideal for students who find themselves thinking about life beyond Fusion, but early in the process.

Outcomes: Students will leave this camp with an idea of which post-secondary option is right for them. They will also have a roadmap for next steps to continue their college and post-secondary planning

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Test Prep 101

Ideal for: 10th & 11th graders

In this camp, students will work to understand the ACT and SAT examinations, customize their preparation strategy, and maximize their scores. This session includes a bonus individual session with a counselor to create a customized roadmap for success beyond the camp. Current Fusion students* will also begin the camp with Mindprint, an innovative cognitive test that accurately measures the skills your students need to succeed on the tests.
*Non-Fusion students have the option to sign up for Mindprint or testing diagnostics for an additional fee.

Outcomes: Students will receive testing diagnostic and a customized recommendation for ongoing test prep support.

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Extracurriculars and Resume Building

Ideal for: 10th & 11th graders and rising seniors

Outside of class time, what have you been spending your time doing? This camp discusses why extracurricular activities are so important, explores ways to get involved both in and outside of school, and what colleges look for in review of extracurriculars.

Outcomes: 10th and 11th graders will leave with unique and creative ways to build out their outside of the classroom involvement. Rising seniors will leave with a cumulative resume, and if appropriate, custom recommendations to build a more expansive list.

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Crush your College Interview!

Ideal for: 10th & 11th graders

The college interview is a great way to connect with the admissions team and develop an advocate on the other side of the desk. In this camp, we will explore the benefit of an interview, provide tips to crush your interview, recommended next steps, and practice mock interviews with real time feedback.

Outcomes: Students will leave this camp more confident in their interviewing skills as well as outline a interviewing plan for their top schools.

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Finding the Right College Fit

Ideal for: 11th graders and rising seniors

There are over 5,300 colleges and universities in the United states, plus thousands abroad. How do students find the right fit school? In this camp, we explore how to identify what is important to YOU in the process, how to narrow down the search, and how to connect with colleges and universities beyond the “Quick Facts” flyers and see if the school will truly be the right fit.

Outcomes: Students will be set up with a SCOIR account to navigate the search process. They will leave with a preliminary list of schools to explore (11th graders) or rising seniors will have a final list to apply to in the fall.

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Gap Years 101

Ideal for: 11th Graders and rising seniors

With COVID-19 and nationwide shutdowns, we’ve seen a significant increase of interest in gap year planning. This camp explores the benefit (if appropriate) of taking a gap year, discusses gap year options, and creates a strategic plan for next steps in getting you connected to the best fit gap year program.

Outcomes: Students will leave with a list of gap years programs or plans that are the right fit for them to connect with for life after high school.

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College Essay Writing Bootcamp

Ideal for: rising seniors

College essays are an amazing way for students to share more about themselves through the college process, but also wildly daunting, too! In this camp, students will review the why behind the essay and personal statement, review student example essays, and work through brainstorming for their own essays and personal statements.

Outcomes: Students will leave this camp with an outline of their essays and plan for completing the writing process on time.

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