Over 250 classes for credit taught one-to-one

If your child needs to catch up or wants to get ahead this summer, we offer personalized classes for credit. In light of COVID-19, classes are available online through live, virtual instruction. We’re also offering a 20% discount during the summer.

Take one class, or multiple, to catch up or get ahead this summer.

Did your child fail a class and they need to retake it? Do they have a tough class on their fall schedule that would be better taken one-to-one? Below are some of our core and elective offerings available for middle and high school students during the summer.

Have fun and work on passion projects
in music, art, tech, and wellness.

Your student can find new passions this summer with a wide variety of subjects and courses. Teachers can help students explore their creativity in a one-to-one setting and customize course material based on their interests.


At Fusion, we heavily invest in our arts programming. Students can explore their passions and build their portfolios with a personalized curriculum and a wide variety of subjects. Popular classes include: digital photography, graphic design, and more!


Students can focus on learning a new instrument or honing their skills. Teachers can also instruct on how to record and edit songs using professional-grade programs. Summer is a great time to record a first EP!


Your child can expand their tech skills as they learn one-to-one with a teacher. They can create, build, and design with courses personalized just for them. It’s great for students who love technology and want to get under the hood with cutting-edge equipment.


Students can spend some of their summer getting physical exercise and investing in their mental wellness. Working one-to-one with an instructor allows students to go at their pace and focus on what they’re going through.

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We offer over 250 courses for students to explore exciting new passions and areas of study. Each course is one-to-one and available virtually.

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Get our 20% off classes for credit this summer.

These prices are for classes starting between May 15th, 2020 and August 1st, 2020.

Summer Classes for Credit:

Retake a course or catch up with one-to-one teaching.
Session Count:
Price Per Semester*
25 one-to-one class sessions
$2,200 - $3,500 per semester
30 one-to-one class sessions
$2,640 - $3,900 per semester

*Prices vary by location

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