Marina Naguib

Marina was born in Cairo, Egypt, but was raised in Houston, Texas.  Having to face many cultural differences, Marina dived into reading. She was fascinated with American History, and would also read on Egyptian History.  She was inspired by her Elementary School teachers who would greatly encourage her to read, and taught her many ways on how to express herself. 
Marina wanted to become that change in someone else’s life.  Her dream was to inspire others and lead them to success the same way her teachers did.  Marina followed her dreams, attended the University of Houston with a major in Psychology and Communications, and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science.  Upon graduation, she was hired at Cornerstone Christian Academy as a lead teacher, now she is working at Fusion Academy as the ESL/English and History teacher.
She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Education, but she won’t stop there!  Her goal is to complete a PhD in Educational Leadership.