Ling Zhen, MS


Ling Zhen is currently teaching Calculus, Pre-Calculus, Geometry and Algebra at Fusion Academy-Sugar Land. I am also tutoring high school students for the SAT in Math.

Ling Zhen obtained her Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree from the Electrical Instrument department at Zhejiang University in China. In 2004, she came to the US and earned another Master’s Degree in Nuclear Engineering from Texas A&M University. While in school, she published many papers and received numerous awards. Ling traveled to Tokyo, Beijing, Washington DC, Singapore and many other places to give presentations. She won the Best Student Paper award at the 2005 International Conference on Nuclear Engineering in Miami. She was also awarded Second Place in the National Mathematics Competition, in China, while in high school. Additionally while in college, she was awarded 10,000 Chinese Yuan from the Chinese Academy of Sciences Scholarship, which is the highest level of a national scholarship. In 2006, Ling moved to Houston and worked for ten years as a Senior Geophysicist for three of the major oil companies.

Upon the arrival of her third child, she left her job in 2015. She has three children. Ling’s 12-year-old daughter is an accomplished violinist as well as being an Honor-A student. Her 9-year-old daughter is very creative and artistic and loves reading and playing the piano. She was also selected for the Math Master program at her school for which Ling serves as the lead teacher in the math competitions.

When Ling was 32 years old, she began to learn to play the piano and swim. I went from being a novice who knew nothing about playing the piano, swimming and baking to becoming a church pianist and being able to swim all 4 strokes as well as baking delicious cakes and bread.