Benjamin Walton

Art Teacher/Mentor
Benjamin Walton is an artist native to Houston, Texas, and has operated within the education and gaming industries since graduating from the University of Houston in 2013, where he studied fine art with a focus in painting. After graduating, he first set out to become an Associate Teacher with the Houston Independent School District and over the course of two years, learned to love teaching others. Since then, he worked within the gaming industry, helping to develop three video games for a local Houston company, and despite parting ways, his love for game design and concept art has not quieted; if you catch him in his down time, he’s probably developing something new. Benjamin loves the abstract qualities of life, always searching for meaning in the nuances of the rights and ways and rules of the world, through the everlasting lens of artistry, introspection, and reflection.
Benjamin spends his free time drawing, painting, reading, cooking, and brainstorming, usually accompanied by his two cats. He rarely consumes media, preferring to use his time producing content and is perhaps in love with projective development. Always balancing at least two creative projects, Benjamin adheres to the principles of bouncing between efforts to gauge comparison for the sake of mutual elevation.
Benjamin believes in a unified world and hopes to inspire all those he works with and those reached indirectly through his art to achieve their total selves. His favorite colors are purple and orange and he loves the time of dusk, for it is when the light leaves the sky and it becomes our responsibility to hold its brilliance through the night until tomorrow’s dawn.