Adriana Taboada

Spanish Teacher/Mentor

Adriana was born and raised in Venezuela and is a dental surgeon. She loves to travel, dance and sing. She moved to Houston in 2001 and started a family. Looking for something to balance work and raising kids, she fell in love with teaching. Starting out as a bilingual kindergarten teacher, she later advanced to teaching high school. Being certified as a Special Education teacher, created opportunities for her to grow as an educator and as a person. She finds it is amazing to understand how human learning process works and how we are all wired differently.

One thing that keeps her motivated is the look in the student’s eyes when they “get it”, discover something new, or realize that they already knew it all along!! A student’s subsequent smile and their desire to know more is icing on the cake!! She loves the adventure of finding that motivation for more, and the inspiration that will make each person his/her own best teacher in the world!!