Self-Advocacy Inspiring Student Confidence

When Phoenix wanted to give up, Fusion empowered her to advocate for herself and got her to graduation - which she wasn't sure she would have achieved before.

Phoenix Thornhill-Clausen


Fusion Austin

Fun Fact

Phoenix also took classes at Austin Community College while attending Fusion

Future Plans

Study to become a social worker

Phoenix's life was more about surviving than thriving, and her grades suffered. When she came to Fusion, she was ready to give up on school altogether.

“She gave us a chance, and she has shown so much growth since then.”- Meera Patel, Fusion Austin Teacher/Mentor, and Phoenix's Lead Teacher

In Fusion's one-to-one classroom environment, Phoenix was able to be a better advocate for herself and learn that she was smart.

“Fusion's different. They want to know you as a person...Fusion has made a big impact on my life.” – Phoenix

With these new teachers and mentors in her life, Phoenix says Fusion became like the family she never had.

“Each and every faculty and staff care about every individual. They don't tell you what you want to hear, they tell you what you need to hear.” – Phoenix

Phoenix graduated from Fusion Academy Austin in May of 2019.

“When I gave up on myself, you didn't. Fusion doesn't hand you tools, they help you find them in yourself.” – Phoenix

92 %

of students say they feel listened to and treated with respect by their teachers, compared to 42% at their previous school.

95 %

of students are confident in their ability to learn course material, compared to 59% at their last school.

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