Student Story: Helping a Visual Learner Succeed

In the traditional school, Olivia didn't feel like she fit. She learned differently and didn't like the comparison game.

Olivia Pacino


Fusion Miracle Mile

How Long She Attended Fusion

Three Years

Olivia didn't feel like "normal" school was the right fit for her. She was more of a visual learner. Her mom found Fusion.

“I heard about this new approach to education, and I was really really interested in that.”- Beverly D'Angelo, Olivia's Mom

The personalized environment was great for Olivia. She didn't have to worry about other students in the classroom, there was no comparison with one student and one teacher. She was able to move from a place of "I don't know" to "I do know."

“That's what I love about this school, because I feel like I'm ready to go out into the world. I'm going to leave feeling happiness and feeling successful.” –  Olivia

Olivia graduated from Fusion Academy Miracle Mile in May of 2019.

“What else does a parent want than to watch their child develop the strength to have the wings to fly? And that's what Fusion did.” – Beverly D'Angelo, Olivia's Mom

92 %

of students say they feel listened to and treated with respect by their teachers, compared to 42% at their previous school.

95 %

of students are confident in their ability to learn course material, compared to 59% at their last school.

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