Student Impact

Fusion Academy’s one-to-one education model, one student and one teacher per classroom, allows for a completely personalized school experience. This level of personalization has an incredible impact on multiple aspects of a student’s life.

Through assessments, student surveys, and parent surveys, we collect quantitative and qualitative data about the success of our students. Beyond academics, we care about the social and emotional impact of our program as well.

Below you will see how our personalized approach positively impacts students.

In a personalized learning environment, teachers are able to customize material for
each student’s interests. This sparks curiosity and excitement for learning and
dramatically increases student engagement.

After just three months at Fusion, 85 percent of students describe themselves as frequently excited or curious about something new; 96 percent take the initiative to ask questions or offer thoughts in class.


At Fusion, student engagement is not only higher than the national average, it is consistently high across all grades.


Homework is a struggle we hear about from many families. At Fusion, students can complete their coursework on campus. Through the structure and support in the Homework Café, we see a shift in students’ relationship with homework in as little as a few weeks.

Doing homework on campus throughout the day helps students reinforce learning shortly after class and develops executive functioning skills like time management, organization, and prioritization. As a result, students complete homework at a higher rate than before: while some students are already diligent, 65 percent report completing more homework than at their previous school.

Learning soars and students take pride in their accomplishments when they are engaged in the classroom, feel confident about themselves as learners, and regularly complete school work.

85 percent of parents report their child is more successful academically since attending Fusion and 85 percent of students say they are learning more
at Fusion than their previous school.




When students are learning one-to-one they are able to truly understand
and master the material.

With increased confidence in themselves and the curriculum, the impact is reflected in their grades and GPA (Grade Point Average).

To understand Fusion’s typical impact on GPA, we examined a representative sample of student transcripts. Our analysis showed that the average cumulative GPA at Fusion was .82 points higher than at their previous school.

Many students come to us with a strong academic background, and are looking to go from good to great. With an average GPA of 3.47, these students soar to an average of 3.96 at Fusion.

For students who come to Fusion with a below-average GPA and are looking to improve, they bring their GPA from an average of 2.59 to 3.67, increasing 1.08 points.

Fusion provides a safe, supportive environment where students can discover and be themselves.

Teachers prioritize getting to know their students and focus on their strengths in the classroom while also encouraging growth. With a focus on wellbeing and resilience, students find their confidence and ability to persist improve.

Reigniting students’ belief in themselves is as important as finding the right classes, teachers, content, and teaching styles. At Fusion, student confidence soars as they experience success as learners.


Eighty-one percent of parents report that their child is more confident overall since attending Fusion.

In 2019, students said the longer they are enrolled at Fusion, the more likely they are to experience increased resilience in pursuing their goals like improving social skills and developing plans for their future.


Fusion creates a safe, supportive campus environment that fosters positive relationships
not only between students and teachers, but students and their peers.

Though our classes are one-to-one, students have a multitude of opportunities for socialization with other students. By participating in clubs, student meetings, field trips, prom, and every day in the Homework Café, students are able to interact in a positive way.

In prior school environments, some of our students experienced anxiety and unhappiness that stood in the way of positive social interactions. At Fusion:

  • 90% feel respected by other students
  • 81% feel quite or completely safe from bullying
  • 91% feel comfortable being themselves
  • 86% feel they have friendships with other students
  • 85% have fun at school
  • 70% enjoy social activities at Fusion (like clubs, field trips, after school activities)



The longer students stay at Fusion, the more likely they are to participate in social activities.

Students tell us connection with their teachers matters and has led to increased comfort communicating with adults in their lives. Our 2019 Student Survey shows the longer students experience positive relationships at Fusion, the more confident they are at advocating for themselves.

According to Gallup Poll research, the most important elements for student success are having someone who cares about their development and having an opportunity to do what they do best every day (Busteed, B. Gallup Business Journal, 2014). In our one-to-one classrooms, teachers provide students with opportunities to learn and demonstrate essential life competencies, including communication skills that translate into greater student agency.


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