Yohance Serrant


Yohance Serrant joins Fusion as a teacher/mentor with a wide range of experience. He has taught and tutored students as young as 6 years old to adults looking for a career change. Yohance’s own love of teaching stems from his love of learning.  Originating from the Bay Area, Yohance was homeschooled by his mother. With his already inquisitive mind he loved reading books of all sorts, and learned how to count at an early age. His mother was a nurse, so he already had medical and science books around.

When he wasn’t learning he would watch cartoons and movies, soaking up whatever he could to engage his creative imagination. Once he and his mother moved to Los Angeles, he skipped from 3rd to 5th grade, and then the next year went to Crossroads School in Los Angeles. Still engaged academically, he also jumped into acting, formed a small rap group in 8th grade, played in the jazz band, then went on to Pomona College in Claremont, CA. At Pomona he majored in English, and it was here that a professor gave him his major breakthrough into understanding higher mathematics. All the while he helped put on school events including 3 annual Hip Hop Charity concerts with the likes of Cee Lo Green, and tutoring local middle and high schools students.

Following college he continued tutoring and went to graduate school at UCLA majoring in Urban Planning. He found that his ease of learning was able to be transferred over to others, and that learning is about confidence as much as it is about retaining information. He connected with a high school friend who started Bright Minds Tutoring and began working as Social Media Director for the company as well as tutor for every subject including SATS and other standardized tests. He also taught English grammar to adults at Bryan College as they studied to become court stenographers.

For two years he also taught for Gateway, an exchange program for students from China to come to America and learn English through immersion classes. All the while, Yohance continues to keep his hands in multiple places as a DJ, working on creative projects, and various other things that keep both sides of his brain engaged. He joins Fusion to help students realize the potential of their minds and see just how connected all subjects are, and ultimately, how connected the world is.

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