Wyatt Nelson


Wyatt Nelson serves Fusion Academy as a cross-disciplinary science teacher, calling upon his own passion and enthusiasm for science in order to bolster those of his students. In 2016, he graduated from UCLA, earning a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, as well as a minor in Science Education. He earned the latter through the UCLA CalTeach program, along with a great deal of in-classroom, science-teaching experience. In his free time, Wyatt greatly enjoys tabletop role-playing games, and over many years of exciting adventures, he has successfully facilitated countless exercises in cooperative problem-solving, positive socialization, and collaborative storytelling. When he was in high school, before their momentous game against their rival school, Wyatt delivered a rousing speech at the pep-rally to bolster the football team’s morale: some have jocularly attributed their victory to his motivational power.

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