Irena Ademaj

Spanish Teacher/Mentor

Her passion for teaching started when she was an undergraduate student. She was tutoring/mentoring a student that studied Spanish and English at DePaul University in Chicago. She loved working with students 1 on 1 where I could help them with their writing and speaking skills, and making a difference and seeing them learn new skills.

She was born in Albania. She lived in Greece and Portugal. Traveling the world was one of her longtime dreams and she managed to fulfill it by visiting 22 countries and living in 4 of them. She has always been passionate about languages, and has spent majority of my life learning and teaching them. She obtained her Bachelors and Masters Degrees from DePaul University in Chicago. She previously taught Spanish in Oakland, California in a public school. What drew her to Fusion is its mission, and she wanted to be able to help students individually with their learning.

She loves living in California and doesn’t miss the Chicago winters at all! Some of her favorite things are the beach and discovering new hiking trails. You’ll find her reading books and going for a run on a typical Sunday.

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