Bill Penny

History Teacher/ Mentor

Bill teaches U.S. and World History at Fusion Academy. As a life-long history nerd, he hopes to instill in his students the same love of history and an awareness of how history has shaped the present day.  Bill attended the University at Buffalo where he earned Bachelor’s degrees in Political Science and Economics.  He later earned an MAT and a Master’s in History at Simmons College.  In addition to his academic degrees, Bill has studied “Teaching the Humanities through Art” at the Smithsonian and “Teaching Genocide” at Facing History and Ourselves.
Prior to becoming a teacher, Bill lived most of his life in New York where he was Vice President of a research consulting firm that specialized in finding old insurance policies to pay for cleaning up environmental disasters. Since becoming a teacher, Bill has taught American and World History, Contemporary Issues and World Cultures in Andover, MA and at an alternative school located outside of Boston.  Bill has also provided research services to a number of local history museums dealing with the legacy of slavery and anti-slavery movements in the North.
Bill has travelled extensively in the US and abroad, dragging his (now grown) children to historic sites wherever they visited. In his spare time, Bill has a passion for cooking and old movies.

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