Tom McGann

Math Department Head

Tom is thrilled to be part of the Fusion Academy team! Tom received his B.A. in Business from Florida  State University and his Master’s in Education from  Regent University in Virginia.

As a teacher, school administrator,  and as a private tutor, helping students discover their strengths and reach their potential became his passion. Tom later worked with emotionally disturbed children, helping many overcome big and small challenges each day. Additionally, he has worked as scout leader and summer camp program director.

Tom loves to help families discover where and how their child will find their greatest success. He understands that education does not come in a “one size fits all” package, and that kids don’t all learn the same way.

Tom’s interests include hiking, fishing, family camping and canoe trips down the Delaware River, playing baseball, fixing things around the house, enjoying a movie with his wife, or reading a favorite book.

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