Tierra Farris

Teacher/Mentor (Science)

Tierra is a native of a small, college town Muncie, Indiana which has the distinction of being one of the most average places in the US. No joke, Muncie is so typical that it was chosen to represent the whole of America in the Middletown studies, a sociological study of modern America. After surviving a perfectly average childhood, Tierra enrolled in Ball State University where she decided to get a degree in psychology, physics, botany, molecular biology. After completing her Bachelor’s degree, Tierra remained hooked on learning and allowed her passion for science to lead her to Texas where she enrolled in the University of Texas Medical Branch to pursue a PhD in Biomedical science. Tierra loved life in the science laboratory but here she also discovered a new love. During her six years in the lab Tierra was able to mentor multiple graduate students, post-baccalaureate students and high school students and in doing so found the joy of sharing the excitement of science. She also got involved with Science Cafe, a grassroots public science initiative and discovered a personal passion for spreading science literacy. So when Tierra finished her PhD she wanted to find a place where she could help spread the fun and excitement of science and research. Luckily she found Fusion Academy.

Tierra loves to teach anything that might foster appreciation of the natural world or the joy of scientific discovery including:
Human Anatomy and Physiology
Marine Biology

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