Nazia Quraishi


Nazia has a passion for lifelong learning and creating work that has personal meaning. After graduating from Columbia University in New York, she worked for over five years as a medicinal chemist for Merck and GE Healthcare in the US and UK. While in London, she also worked on a team with cyclotron engineers and synthesized radioactive tracers that were injected in human patients to help diagnose illnesses. Radioactive carbon has a half-life of twenty minutes, thus it required smooth communication among the engineers, chemists, and doctors to ensure a successful scan. Nazia also loves having a solid balance between systems and building relationships.
For the past decade, she has taught chemistry, matter and energy, and Islamic studies in both private and public schools to a wide spectrum of students, ranging from first to twelfth graders, English language learners, and students with high needs. Currently pursuing her masters in instructional technology, Nazia loves integrating effective technology to make abstract concepts visually easy for students. One of her role models is Salman Khan, CEO, of Khan Academy and like him she is a strong advocate of modeling the best teaching practices to our twenty first century learners.

Nazia also loves the Rocky movies and needs cardio exercises in her life to be happy. She has three young sons who also give her plenty of exercise along with a baby girl on the way. She also enjoys cooking Pakistani foods, baking, and since she is multi-lingual, occasionally finds time to watch only the best Urdu dramas.

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