Tanner Colley

English/ History

Tanner Colley is a English and History instructor at Fusion Academy Southlake.

 Tanner earned his Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees from Midwestern State University in the sleepy village of Wichita Falls, TX. His interests include creative writing, postmodernism, and the history of the English language, particularly Old English. His research for his master’s degree involved the nature of holograms, which he ended up turning into a science fiction novel.

 As mentioned, Tanner enjoys science fiction and fantasy, especially cyberpunk literature, and claims Blade Runner as his favorite film.

Tanner once spent two consecutive summers (2011 and 2012) amongst the homeless community of Boulder, CO, and will always be passionate about advocating for those less fortunate.

 In his spare time, Tanner plays a myriad of instruments and records music with his cousin in their apartment.


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