Tanieca Buchanan


Tanieca Buchanan passes along her love for Language Arts and Literature through her classes at Fusion. She earned a Bachelors Degree in ELA from Hunter College of the City Universities of New York and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education from the  University of the West Indies in Jamaica. Tanieca previously taught English Language, Literatures and Communication Studies for approximately 10 years at the prestigious Ardenne High School in Kingston, Jamaica. She was also Senior Teacher and Coordinator of the 12th grade in which she spearheaded leadership programs and pre-university preparation programs for students on the verge of their exit from high school on to tertiary studies. Tanieca enjoys working closely with children and adolescents who require mentoring and emotional guidance. Her students boast extraordinary capabilities, and experience academic success by capping top Caribbean awards in the high school exit examinations.

Tanieca allows her students the freedom of expression through their experience with the Language both in speech and in writing so that they can wield this ability to demonstrate academic prowess.

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