Tamare Love

Director of Student Development

Tamare Love is a Jersey girl by definition, born and raised in northern New Jersey the East Coast is where she calls home. She attended Rider University where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Communications with a concentration in public relations and minor in human resource management and event planning and production. As an undergraduate and post-graduate Tamare remained very involved on and off campus as a driven and passionate leader to her students and collogues alike. Tamare has always had a passion for student and professional development on an academic and personal level.  Whether it was influencing undergraduate students or continuously motivating those around her, her strength has always been the ability to engage and inspire others. Currently she sits on the National Governing Board of her sorority as the National Secretary and in addition heads the Professional Development Committee of the organization.

In her free time Tamare enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Whether it means a short trip into New York, Canada or the Caribbean, she’s always ready for an adventure. Her second passion is cooking and hosting for friends and family. You’ll usually find her in the kitchen creating new and unique dishes for other to enjoy. When not traveling or cooking, you’ll most likely find her working with young adults in her community. She’s involved in many youth groups locally and regionally. Whether in her professional or personal life, mentorship and the development of youth and others has always been a focus near and dear to her heart. Her belief is that it “takes a village”. As dedicated individuals come together in the idea and belief of each child’s potential and overall well-being; we form commitments and with that we can ultimately foster success and positive personal development for each student.

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