Susan Beran

French Teacher

Susan Pascal Beran originally hails from the east coast having grown up in Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York. She studied History, Art, Languages and Science, undergraduate at Connecticut College, Yale, abroad in France at the Sorbonne and then came west and completed her Masters in Linguistics at Stanford University.  She worked as a teacher during these years, driven by her love of learning and sharing.  She was on her way to get a Phd. in International Relations when the dramatic life event of losing her husband to cancer made her realize that she needed to follow her life’s passion: making art.

For many years she created unique sculptures and made her living selling them to clients around the world. She has numerous monumental public, corporate and private installations which can be seen on her website , and is currently working on a line of sculptural wind generators.  But she never lost her love of teaching and children, often volunteering to teach classes in inner city schools or working with children to make collaborative public art installations, such as at an orphanage in Tulsa, Oklahoma and locally at Hidden Valley School in San Anselmo, Ca.

Life has a way of coming full circle, so when her own child went off to school she realized she wanted to be around young people and teach again in order to share the experiences and knowledge that she has garnered. Fusion, with its one-on-one creative and open minded approach was exactly what she’d envisioned, so she joined the team.

Susan has lived in Marin for three plus decades and is known locally for her community building as well as well as her advocacy for ecosystem preservation; she is an active open space board member. She is now married to a Japanese Saxophone-playing computer nerd , writes in her spare time, loves  swimming, hiking, her cats, her dog, and watching hummingbirds duel around the feeders in her yard.

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