Steve Metz

Video Game Guru/All Around Nice Guy

Steve Metz is an educator, composer, and programmer serving as the Electives Department Head at Fusion Academy Los Angeles.  He holds two bachelor’s degrees: one in Performance Arts Technology and one in Computer Science Engineering, both from the University of Michigan.

He has been a teacher since undergrad, when he first began working as an instructor at a private music studio in Ann Arbor, MI.  After over seven years of teaching, and a year spent in Nashville as a freelance musician and web designer, the desire for better weather and more musical and culinary diversity brought him to Los Angeles.

Outside of teaching, Steve spends most of his time in small dark rooms full of glowing musical equipment, working as an Independent Music Producer with a love for 80s-era synthesizers and drum machines.  He is not currently an avid outdoorsman, but his brother is.  This is great because his brother gets asked to do all the handyman-type chores during Christmas holiday at mom’s house.  Steve would happily help, though, if asked.

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